Prince’s Trust Collaboration

Earlier in the year when we started up our FREE foot care clinics for the local homeless and vulnerable we were lucky enough to have some interest from the local media. Through this exposure we were contacted by the Prince’s Trust Team Programme managers.

They were really interested to hear what we were doing and were considering working with the individuals in this demographic as part of one of their course ‘challenges’.

The young people involved in the Programme complete a 12 week course and if successful receive a City and Guilds Qualification as well as work experience and CV skills. Jo visited the team at their base on a couple of occasions to provide further insight to the young people as to the purpose of our clinics and also to provide more information about the other things that were also happening whilst our clinics were running, such as the hot meal provision as well as toiletries, clothing and other essentials given out through the kindness of the local public’s donations.

The team decided to raise money to help the services and they also attended the Salvation Army Hall in Folkestone to experience what it is like to be involved with the provision of these services.

After the team had attended the sessions they spoke with us;

“Our team challenge was inspirational because I got to speak to the homeless people and learn their stories.” Beth

“I found it interesting, I spoke to a man with a dog, who told me how his dog helped him with his situation” Matty

“It was a lot of fun, it was enlightening to learn about homelessness and the “dos” and “don’ts” of working with homeless people” Seren

“It was quite nice, to help the homeless by putting food on their plates and giving them fresh clothes” John

We are thrilled that our clinics have now led to a broadening of other local organisations coming together to further help the homeless and vulnerable in our local area. In addition, a team member has now gone on to volunteer their time to volunteer and assist with this provision on a regular basis and this interaction of organisations has led to further educating young people to the plight of those homeless and vulnerable in our area as well as helping to break down barriers they may have had prior to embarking on their Prince’s Trust Team journey.