Why Feet??

Why Feet???
This is the question that people I meet are always asking me. I’ve never really felt that my story would be of interest to anyone. However, the more people I meet the more people ask me. So, I thought I’d write down my WHY…
In 2001 I graduated with a Sport and Exercise Science degree. I wasn’t too sure how I would use this degree although unbeknownst to me the foot link was already there. I was really interested in sports medicine and the biomechanics involved in performance improvement with athletes.

A couple of years later my mum had to be medically retired from her job and she was on a low ebb, so we decided to go and learn a new skill. Which turned out to be manicures and pedicures! Which even surprised me as for most of my childhood I’d been an extreme nail biter and picker. I went with mum on this and we trained to NVQ level 3 nail technicians. However, the foot thing was there again and people whose feet I pampered told me I would be an excellent foot practitioner. I thrive around people, I love the idea that I can help them and relieve discomfort, pain and improve their mobility. I thought about it for a while and enrolled on a university accredited Foot Health Practitioner course. I spent the next year training and learning.

In 2011 I qualified then the idea of East Kent Foot Care was born. It seemed I was adept at my new role and I finally bit the bullet and started a business. By 2015 feet were my full-time job and passion and I was able to begin to work with associate practitioners as the business grew.

I always strive to be the best that I can be in anything I set my mind too and so as my youngest child started school, I returned to university where I am now in a position that in the next few months I will become a specialist podiatrist and be able to help an even wider scope of people with a broader range of foot conditions. So, if you’re still awake and reached the end of my WHY! Thank you, Jo