Siobhan Melia Breakthrough Podiatrist Award

AMAZING NEWS!!!! As many of you are aware, Jo has been studying at the University of Brighton. We have received notification that she has been awarded the NHS trust, Sussex; Siobhan Melia Breakthrough Podiatrist award by the examination panel for her consistently outstanding work over the last year. The hard slog is starting to pay off and we are incredibly proud to have Jo as a member of the East Kent Foot Care team.

Podiatry and School Science: PASS Project

We love our jobs and we have been lucky enough to introduce Podiatry to potentially the next generation of Podiatrists. We delivered the Podiatry and school science to Year 4 pupils at St Martin’s Church of England Primary School. The children took part in a science experiment to identify whether taller people have the biggest feet as well as introducing them to what Podiatry is as a profession and what they can do to look after their feet. All of the children were really engaged and gave super feedback. We were even asked whether we could visit again as our session is so much more fun than learning!!

If you would like us to visit your primary school please send us an email or give us a call.

Hythe Life Community Magazine Fifth Anniversary Edition

Following on from the amazing feedback we have received from our article published in issue 20 of the Hythe Life Community Magazine we are thrilled to have another article published in the fifth anniversary edition. We are so pleased to continue to spread the message to people to enable them to make better, more informed choices about their foot health.

100km Challenge!

Max Sheppard first came to visit us in December 2017 after embarking on his initial training to take on the London 2 Brighton 100km walk. He was experiencing foot pain and debilitating callusing and blistering which he never experienced prior to training. Since, December we have worked hard with Max to help him to succeed with his challenge. We have worked to offer advice and orthotic supports to wear in his walking boots, cushioning and spacers to help reduce the friction as well as maintaining the condition of his feet to help him achieve his 100km goal.

Over the May bank Holiday Max completed his challenge in just over 25 hours and contributed to charitable causes by doing so. Max sent us this photo of him post challenge preparing to begin the recovery process!

It seems that Max is a glutton for punishment and has signed up for another gruelling 100km challenge! This time over the August bank holiday weekend. This time he will be participating in the South Coast Challenge which is being organised by Action Challenge.

Max is raising funds this time for TAMBA (twin and multiple birth association) which is a charity close to both of our hearts as Max has identical girl twins and I have identical boys and both of our families are members of this organisation.

Tamba is the only UK-wide charity working to improve the lives of twins, triplets or more, and their families. They do this through successful campaigning to improve health and developmental outcomes; funding clinical research to reduce the risks faced before, during and after birth; and by providing practical support for all families, including those in crisis and my family has benefited from their support in our early days of having our twins.

If you would like to donate and support Max his fundraising page is:

Good Luck Max!!