Podiatric Surgery

What a fantastic experience. Jo Shapter was fortunate enough to work alongside a very experienced podiatric surgeon carrying out a 5th digit arthroplasty and a great toe remodel due to arthritic damage at the Queen Victoria Hospital Herne Bay in September 2019. Absolutely incredible day in theatre!


The SME News’ 2019 Business Elite awards have taken place for this year and that we have been recognised as:
Footcare Specialists of the Year, 2019 – Kent
Needless to say we are thrilled and would like to thank all of our customers existing and future for enabling us to look after your foot care needs.

Body Worlds Exhibition, London

Always looking to expand our minds! We visited the Body Worlds Exhibition in London. An absolutely fascinating journey around our bodies.

The exhibition consists of more than 200 anatomical specimens of real human bodies, which are preserved by Dr Gunther von Hagens ‘plastination technique’. ‘Plastinating’ is a technique where body fluids are replaced by a sort of silicone rubber. The bodies are dry, odourless and will last longer than Egyptian mummies! The skin has been removed from the ‘plastinates’, so all bones, muscles, nerves, veins and organs are revealed and visible.
All the bodies that are used in the exhibition are donated by people who in life decided to donate their body to BODY WORLDS for educational purposes. Long after they have passed away, their bodies will teach you everything there is to know about the human anatomy. The ‘Plastinates’ are standing in a large variety of active positions. This is to show you which muscles and body parts you use when you for instance jump or dance or play tennis.
You can see the influence the choices you make have on your body. How smoking effects your lungs for instance, or how an artificial knee or hip fits in your body. Besides anatomy, the exhibition teaches you about the lifestyle choices that you make and the effects on your body.

Siobhan Melia Breakthrough Podiatrist Award

AMAZING NEWS!!!! As many of you are aware, Jo has been studying at the University of Brighton. We have received notification that she has been awarded the NHS trust, Sussex; Siobhan Melia Breakthrough Podiatrist award by the examination panel for her consistently outstanding work over the last year. The hard slog is starting to pay off and we are incredibly proud to have Jo as a member of the East Kent Foot Care team.

Podiatry and School Science: PASS Project

We love our jobs and we have been lucky enough to introduce Podiatry to potentially the next generation of Podiatrists. We delivered the Podiatry and school science to Year 4 pupils at St Martin’s Church of England Primary School. The children took part in a science experiment to identify whether taller people have the biggest feet as well as introducing them to what Podiatry is as a profession and what they can do to look after their feet. All of the children were really engaged and gave super feedback. We were even asked whether we could visit again as our session is so much more fun than learning!!

If you would like us to visit your primary school please send us an email or give us a call.

Hythe Life Community Magazine Fifth Anniversary Edition

Following on from the amazing feedback we have received from our article published in issue 20 of the Hythe Life Community Magazine we are thrilled to have another article published in the fifth anniversary edition. We are so pleased to continue to spread the message to people to enable them to make better, more informed choices about their foot health.

Hythe Life Article: Spring Edition 2019, issue 20

We are passionate about looking after people in our community and education is crucial to enable people to make informed choices about self care as well as who they choose to carry out their foot care. With this in mind we were thrilled to write an article about Diabetes for the most recent issue of Hythe Life. We have received an excellent response from the community about the article so watch this space there could be more in the pipeline!

Kent Women in Business Awards 2019

We had a fantastic team night out at the Kent Women in Business Awards 2019, where we celebrated with 300 others on International Women’s Day. We were fortunate to be finalists in the contribution to the community and the service excellence awards. We were up against some very stiff competition and felt very fortunate to have made the final short list.
We were thrilled to be awarded Runner Up for the Contribution to the Community Award. It is so lovely to be recognised for our work in the community and we feel very privileged to be recognised for our work.

105.9 Academy FM interview

We were thrilled to go live on air before the KWIBA awards ceremony to talk about our nominations for the Kent Women in Business Awards 2019.

Kent Women in Business Finalists

Earlier this week we woke up to the incredible news that Jo Shapter has been shortlisted as a double category finalist at the Kent Women in Business Awards 2019.

The categories are the service excellence award and the community award. There were over 600 nominations for the awards this year they largest number of nominations to date which makes us even more proud that we have made the final shortlist twice over.

Now to keep everything crossed until the winners are revealed at the awards ceremony on 8th March 2019.