Nail Surgery

Ingrown Nail Surgery

  • Re-growth: occasionally the removed section of nail may regrow and need to be removed again. This occurs in less than five in every 100 cases. Infection of the site during healing may occur, as with any operation. Occasionally, antibiotics may be required.
  • Pain: it is normal to have some mild pain or soreness once the anaesthetic has worn off. It is unusual for this to be severe or to last longer than 24 hours.
  • Very rarely: in some extremely rare cases, temporary or permanent painful nerve damage could occur, or you could have a severe allergic reaction to the local anaesthetic.

My 15 year old son had suffered for months with an ingrowing toenail. I contacted East Kent Foot Care and within a week my son had been prescribed antibiotics, had a pre op assessment and had the problem nail removed. He was very nervous about the procedure but Jo and Ryan were amazing they reassured him, making him feel comfortable and at ease. The after care he received was fantastic. One happy boy. Thank you East Kent Foot Care!


The staff are great extremely friendly and professional. My daughter had to have nail surgery and both Jo and Ryan couldn’t of been more helpful and caring. Would recommend 100% keep up the fantastic work.


Many thanks to Jo and Ryan! Very professional and beautiful people, done a great job ! Nail surgery 110% recommended !

My son had an in growing toe nail removed by East Kent Foot Care. From start to finish of his treatment Jo was professional & respectful. Jo provided reassurance, excellent, safe treatment & aftercare. I would highly recommend this service.”


So pleased I found these guys. Very professional, extremely clean practice. Ryan is a gem and is patient and very reassuring. Had partial nail removed with both Jo and Ryan and the procedure was quick and painless, the aftercare has been outstanding.